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Rob Wilson #Networking4Good

Updated: May 22, 2019

Rob WIlson
Rob Wilson

This week’s #Networking4Good feature is Rob Wilson, for his work with West Philadelphia’s Alliance for Children.

95% of Philadelphia public elementary schools lack a functioning library.

Rob is our first feature in the #Networking4Good series for a reason.  He’s been focusing his networking activities not only for professional growth, but also for the advancement of a cause so desperately needed by youth in Philadelphia.  The statistic above, while staggering, is a constant reminder of how networking opportunities can function as more than just vehicles for professional growth.

As a member of the Board of Directors, Rob ensures a newly-formed networking conversation includes more than just work and credentials.  As a member of the Community Outreach Committee, Rob’s networking activities evolved to include churches, small businesses, and civic organizations to activate and encourage their participation and support in WePAC’s endeavors.

“I’ve been to various events (both business and pleasure) where the conversation naturally migrated to what others were doing in their communities.  I use that opportunity to talk about all of the great things WePAC has done.  Not only is that good for WePAC’s ability to grow its name in the community but it also allows the ability for individuals to donate their time or money to a cause that they may be interested in.”

WePac mobilizes volunteers to reopen libraries and provide academic mentoring in Philadelphia public schools.  If you’re interested in supporting Rob and WePAC’s mission to supply Philadelphia schools with the libraries and resources they so desperately need, visit their donation page and give today!

Rob – thank you for using your networking opportunities to better our communities.


Awkward Networker

P.S. Do you know someone who deserves to be recognized as our next #Networking4Good recipient?  Submit an application to Awkward Networker’s #Networking4Good campaign below.

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