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Sean Hand,
Networking Expert

Sean W Hand is an experienced networker, relationship developer, author, and public speaker.  By day, Sean works as a Director of Relationship Development for a global professional services firm, and by night he is an accomplished national speaker, trainer, and creator of the Awkward Networker.  

Sean is a tireless advocate for professional development, with a passion for philanthropy, organizational development, and public speaking.  He sits on the boards of multiple non-profit and professional organizations, with many leadership and developmental roles therein.  


His presentations on networking, relationship development, and personal brand development have inspired thousands of people across the country, and his trainings have attracted hundreds of thousands of successful networkers from over 100 countries.

Sean holds a bachelor’s degree in International Economics from La Salle University and an MBA from Temple University’s Fox School of Business.  He was born and raised in Philadelphia, and has spent the better part of his life trying to round the sharp edges of his Philly accent… though he’ll still tell you to go “down the shore” and enjoy some "wooder ice."  Lastly, Sean’s greatest fortune was marrying his beautiful high school sweetheart and fathering their gorgeous, hilarious, and zany son and daughter.

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