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Sean attends 5+ networking events per week, and one constant he's learned is that networking is awkward.

In his 10+ years of networking experience, Sean's developed a wealth of tips, tools, and techniques to avoid the natural awkwardness of networking. 

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Networking In A Virtual World

So, if you’re new to 2020, let me fill you in… a worldwide pandemic broke-out, and we don’t know when we’ll be allowed to shake hands with a stranger again.

I truly believe we will soon return to in-person networking – ballrooms packed with suits, board rooms packed with executives, conferences packed with hungover colleagues, etc. In the meantime, it’s important for us to build and strengthen our networks virtually.

In this 1-hour virtual presentation, I take my audience through the journey of how successful networkers not only strengthen existing relationships, but also build new, dynamic relationships.


We also discuss how to build a strong social media brand to attract your clients and prospects to you.


Build & Sell Your Brand

During any standard “Personal Brand” presentation, you can expect the same basic ingredients: a LinkedIn tutorial, case studies of great brand developers, and intangible rhetoric designed to motivate and inspire. 


My workshop is not your standard Personal Brand presentation.


In this highly engaging workshop, audiences will learn and work together in real-time to develop each of the 5 Brands in their Brand Portfolio.  In my extensive experience meeting and influencing thousands of new people, I’ve perfected the 5 different brands in my brand portfolio, and in this interactive workshop, I reveal the science and art behind each of my personal brands. 


I work hand-in-hand with the participants and provide them the tools they need to develop their own brand portfolios during our session.

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Network Now. Succeed Now.

This workshop can be more specifically tailored to support the needs of the audience.

The purpose of this workshop is to break the misconception that professionals should network now to set-up their FUTURE success.  In this workshop, you can expect a series of group activities and presentations designed to educate and encourage both young and experienced professionals to determine their personal and professional value proposition today, to procure the value in others today. Throughout this workshop, you can expect:

  • Develop & Sell Your Brand Portfolio Workshop

  • Awkward Networker Guide to Linked-In

  • 7 Secrets of the Awkward Networker Presentation

  • Q&A and Group Networking

(Includes additional tools and handouts)

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7 Secrets of the Awkward Networker

How ‘bout that awkward moment when…


You extend a handshake, but the person gives you the fist bump. So you switch to the fist bump while the person switches to the handshake.


You extend a handshake, but the person came in for a hug. Now you’re not sure what you’re shaking, but you feel extremely awkward.


You arrive to an event with your significant other ready to #powercouple but 20 minutes later you succumb to small bickering quarrel in the middle of the ballroom.

We’ve all been there.

:Enter my 7 Secrets of the Awkward Networker presentation:

Throughout this highly engaging, entertaining, and insightful presentation, your audience will learn my 7 secrets to being the best networker in any room.

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