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Creating Next Gen Philanthropists with Anna-Bohl Fabian

Anna-Bohl Fabian
Anna-Bohl Fabian

Congratulations to Anna Bohl-Fabian for being recognized as a #Networking4Good honoree!

As a Board Member of the Spruce Foundation, Anna uses her networking opportunities to develop the next generation of philanthropists in Philadelphia!

For people like Anna, networking events aren’t about exchanging business cards and asking people if they’d be interested in grabbing a cup of coffee next week to discuss business.  If Anna is working the room, be prepared for conversations about how young, ambitious talent can improve the local philanthropic environment.

Anna’s enthusiasm for young talent development and philanthropy is equally infectious and intriguing, which is why I had to learn more about Spruce Foundation and how Anna sees networking as a fundamental part of their growth strategy.

1.) What is the organization and why is it important to the community and you personally?

Spruce Foundation is an all-volunteer, next-gen-led non-profit based in Philadelphia.  We’re focused on cultivating the next generation of philanthropists through community giving and grantmaking in support of Philadelphia’s youth.

One of the coolest things about the Spruce Foundation is that it essentially started as a giving circle among friends.  Eleven years later, we’re a fully functioning nonprofit organization that gives away $20,000 each year to local youth serving organizations.

I think the culture of philanthropy is one that is still dictated by antiquated organizations that have operated the same way for decades.

To me, Spruce Foundation is an incredible example of how a group of dedicated and passionate people can come together and make a direct impact on the community. I think the culture of philanthropy is one that is still dictated by antiquated organizations that have operated the same way for decades.

The Spruce Foundation not only allows for a younger generation to directly engage in philanthropy, but it also challenges the status quo of how foundations are supporting nonprofits in our community.

2.) How long have you been involved and what’s your role within the organization?

I’m currently in my second year of board service for the Spruce Foundation.  This past year I served as Chair of our Grantmaking Committee.  In this role, I oversaw the organization’s 2017-2018 grant cycle, engaging with over 60 Philadelphia nonprofit organizations.

3.) Who are you outside of Spruce Foundation?

I’m a proud Philly transplant. I grew up in Central Pennsylvania, came to the region for school and then decided I never wanted to leave.  I’ve been in the nonprofit sector for the past six years and currently work for the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia managing engagement plans for over 100 member companies as well managing the Young Professionals Council.

4.) How do you use networking to further Spruce Foundation’s mission and cause?

Networking has been a great way for me to become a better board member and spread the word about the Spruce Foundation.  While many of us get our information from the internet, I think most of us are much more compelled by things we learn about directly from our friends, family, and peers.

I always look forward to sharing about the Spruce Foundation with those I connect with at networking events and especially being able to offer them immediate opportunities for them to get involved and support our work.

5.) Any additional plug for Spruce Foundation while you’re here?

Our website is and we will be recruiting board members this summer!

Be sure to follow Spruce on Facebook to stay up to date on board application information as well as our upcoming events.

Do you know someone who deserves to be recognized as our next #Networking4Good recipient?  Submit an application to Awkward Networker’s #Networking4Good campaign below.

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