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Podcast Ep 7 – Take the Plunge

Updated: May 29, 2019

As an… ahem… aging young professional, I’m more eager than ever to learn how the “new” young professionals are approaching the world of face-to-face social networking.

This week on the Awkward Networker Podcast, I was fortunate to have founder of Today’s Young Professional, and host of Today’s Young Professional Podcast, Perline Paul, join me to discuss how 18-35 year-olds can get the most out of their networking experiences.

Ep 7 – Take the Plunge : Awkward Networker Podcast

Perline Paul is the founder of Today’s Young Professional, a website and podcast dedicated to inspiring young professionals and helping them achieve all things greatness!

Added bonus: In the first 3 minutes of the podcast, I explain how one of my initial interactions with Perline became a textbook example of my networking awkwardness.  You’re not going to want to miss this podcast!

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