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Awkward Networking with Doug Oliver – PECO (an Exelon Company)

Updated: May 29, 2019

From Politics to Power Play

How about that awkward moment when you say you’re going to run for mayor of Philadelphia and you’re friends are like “yeah totally, you should run for mayor…” You all chuckle briefly and go back to looking-up Double Doink t-shirts on Amazon.

[Oh God, I lost most of you didn’t I?  OK, I’ll wait til you’re done ordering the shirts.]

Doug Oliver said that once too, except instead of chuckling, he quit his job, threw his hat in the ring and embarked on a rigorous mayoral race with candidates 20+ years his senior.

Oh and how about that awkward moment when the campaign ends, and you’re left weighing

your options, figuring out which relationships were for real and which were for show.

Both happened for my guest on this episode of the Awkward Networker Podcast.

I learned more from this interview with Doug Oliver than I ever thought I could.  I’m so thrilled to bring this to you.  Enjoy!

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