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Ep 6 – Family Matters

Updated: May 29, 2019

If you’ve ever built a strong relationship with new people, you’ve probably discovered the power of discussing family.

If you’ve ever failed to build a strong relationship with new people, you’ve probably overlooked the power of discussing family.

Family conversations can strengthen new relationships, but if you fall into one of the awkward traps, it can completely end new relationships.

Put simply – Family matters.

In this podcast, I’ll walk you through my key tips for having successful family-related conversations that keep you out of the dog house – oh, I discuss dogs too!


1. Research (0:10)

  • Learn something new about themIt’s research – not stalking

  • Learn what topics to avoid

2. Silver Bullet (3:40)

  • Avoid outright asking

  • Silver bullet question to learn about family

3. No Kids (7:25)

  • You have no children

  • They have no children

4. Dog People (10:35)

  • My pet is my baby

  • Embrace the pet family

5. Revive Prior Conversations (13:04)

  • Family conversation creates new context for prior conversations

  • Sports, colleges, activities

6. A “Good Crop” (14:30)

  • Talk about your upbringing

  • Family doesn’t end with you

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