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Ep 5 – Final Four Tips for Talking Sports While Networking

Updated: May 29, 2019

Can life get any better for a sports fan in March/April?  This is the prime season for talking sports.

March Madness + NHL playoffs + NBA playoffs + MLB Season Openers + The Masters (with Tiger Woods back in the mix) + NFL Draft = Many MANY sports-related conversations.

Whether you’re a avid sports enthusiast or my sister who once said, “I hope the Jets and Eagles never play each other – too much green uniforms on the field,” these Final Four Tips for talking sports in social settings are for you.


Know Before You Go (2:21)

  • Do you research

  • Sports = culture

Respect Rivalries (6:23)

  • Learn and appreciate team rivalries

  • Dear sports fanatics: Keep your rivalry amicable in professional settings

Don’t Overlook College Sports (10:39)

  • Many people live in non-professional sports geographies

  • Many people identify more with college teams than professional

Sports are A Family Affair (14:56)

  • Parents love to talk about their kids’ sports

  • Ask people about their personal and familial sports history

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