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Awkward Networker wouldn’t exist without my team.  They’re as talented as they are gorgeous.  Get to know them a little…


Social Media Marketing

Back when Awkward Networker was just an idea, Art Hand and I were indulging in awkward brother hugs (not “bro hugs” – actual brother hugs) in the middle of a crowded bar.  I knew that if I ever created a web presence, I’d have to bring my brother onto the team.  Not just because it would give us something to talk about at Thanksgiving – that’s what beer and football are for – but because he has a great social media marketing mind.  He had some experience building a friend’s small business presence on Facebook and YouTube, and currently spends his day job as a product marketer for a large seed company.  Art grew Awkward Networker’s Facebook group from a 100 followers to 500+ in a month and it’s still growing.  He’s currently building our YouTube page, and is constantly bugging me to shoot an Awkward Networker commercial.

Web Design, Coding, SEO, Honestly… Like Everything

Zeke is one of these guys that’s always down to help with whatever I can’t do, even if it means he has to take an e-class to fix some complicated problem I’m having.  He’ll do it.  My website was childish before Zeke got his mitts on it.  Now look at this sleek design, interface, and compatibility… a thing of beauty!  I have Sleek Zeke to thank for this entire website.  And when no one was viewing my site because Google changed it’s algorithms for the billionth time or WordPress decided to change some features for the worst, Zeke was there to get my content on the most screens possible and optimize my WordPress.  Zeke would do anything for his friends, loves to learn new skills, and is afraid of nothing.


Marketing Strategy

Jason is the newest member of the team, and has arguably the finest head of hair I’ve ever seen.  He and I met… you guessed it… networking.  Jason possesses the kind of ambition I NEED on my team right now.  Within 10 minutes of meeting me, Jason referenced 4-5 of my Awkward Networker articles, and gave me two great ideas for new content.  After a one-on-one lunch a couple weeks later, Jason did a full sweep of Awkward Networker, all my social media accounts, email campaigns, etc. and sent me a detailed analysis of my marketing strategy plan for the next 12 months.  This guy is a prodigy.  He’s fully employed by a great marketing/PR firm, and helps me out pro bono because he’s an angel.

Newest Member

Looking for a non-paying job that boasts intangible benefits and a clean work environment (assuming you have a clean house/apartment)?  Then apply today!


Seriously, Awkward Networker is a labor of love right now, but it’s growing rapidly every month.  Thanks to the dedicated team highlighted above, we’re growing bigger and better, and have a few great opportunities available for additional people with a ::Liam Neeson voice:: “particular set of skills”.


Check-out the qualifications below, and let us know if you or someone you know may be interested in joining our team, building something fun, and building your portfolio of work.

Success! Message received.

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