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Awkward Networker, is one networking expert's repository of lessons learned through some of the most awkward networking encounters you’ve ever heard.  

If you've found yourself in a situation where you’ve accidentally put your foot in your mouth… 

or repeatedly and confidently called someone the wrong name… 


Or called a boss “babe” because you were texting your significant other the same time your boss asked you a question… 

Or asked the honoree of the awards gala if he/she “even knows what this thing’s all about”… 


Then Awkward Networker is the resource for you.

Modern City

Check-out the Awkward Networker's latest book! 

None of us are born great networkers.  We are born extroverted or introverted, but we learn how to be a confident, introverted networker or thoughtful, extroverted networker through hands-on training. 


Check-out my networking training programs for your team.


Awkward Networker Academy 

Online Courses to learn new networking and relationship development skills from anywhere/anytime!


Jack Jampel

 "Sean, The Awkward Networker presented at two of our Delaware Valley Relocation Council (DVRC) conferences. He was so entertaining and informational that we had him back for a 2nd time with absolutely different material. The attendees found it both entertaining but more importantly were able to take away many tips and learning. He received excellent ratings from our surveys results. I would highly recommend Sean as a speaker. Please feel free to reach out to me as a reference."

Lindsay Johnston

"Sean presented at one of Power of Professional Women's events in January, A New Year and a New You, about all the awkward moments in networking. His program was highly entertaining and engaging. His examples were very relatable and instructive. We all came away from this session with some new tips and tricks no matter if new at networking or an established networker. Our post event survey gave him some of the highest ratings we had all year! I highly recommend Sean as a presenter and I cannot wait for his book!"

Kelly Bruchesky

“Sean connects to his audience in such an authentic and dynamic way, it makes him a really unique and compelling presenter that we are happy to bring back again and again. He’s everything you’d want in a speaker: he drives his points through story and humor, keeps the audience engaged and interacting throughout his presentation, and he provides tactical takeaways that the audience can implement immediately. He’s also a dream to work with; he’s responsive, reliable, approachable, and consistently scores top marks in our program evaluations.”

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